Rebecca is a landscape and portrait photographer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming & Westport, Connecticut. An avid outdoors enthusiast, she travels widely to capture moments in time from the wealth of nature’s library as well as to capture the special moments in the lives of her clients.

Rebecca sees her camera as an extension of her eye. A stark raw image viewed through her lens evolves into a representation that stimulates a reaction. Her intent is to transform a stationary image into a visual metaphor that evokes an emotional or even a physical response. By creating a response to her photography, Rebecca hopes that some of her work will produce a sense of peacefulness and solace and even provide an avenue for healing.

Rebecca’s aim is to capture a moment in time that has the potential to tell a story using the subtlety of lighting and composition. Imperfections, as well as faux pas in nature, can produce spectacular, provocative and memorable images. Whether nature or human nature, realistic or abstract, micro or macro, the intent is to enable the viewer to see things they may not have seen before, or to guide them to see things differently. The fact that each picture has the potential for varied interpretations is an integral component of Rebecca’s love of photography.

Rebecca also has a fine art website with many more images. Feel free to check it out: Rebecca Stern Photography